World press covered Turkish elections with striking headlines

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Foreign media outlets continue to keep their finger on the pulse of the second round of the presidential election in Türkiye. Reaching millions of readers around the world, international media giants are conveying the election atmosphere in Türkiye to their followers with different and striking headlines.

World press covered Turkish elections with striking headlines

Türkiye will go to the polls this weekend for the second round of presidential elections.

Millions of voters will choose between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

International press and media organizations are closely following what is expected to be a breathless election.

The US-based Washington Post newspaper published an article titled "How Erdogan won Turkey's earthquake-shattered south?".

The article reminded readers that President Erdogan won an average of 63% of the votes in the six provinces with the highest death tolls.

Interviews with earthquake victims in the region were included in the article.

Earthquake victims said, "Erdoğan is a good man. God bless him, he took good care of us after the earthquake".

Voice of America analyzed Kilicdaroglu's changing election rhetoric.

"As Türkiye heads to a presidential runoff election on May 28, rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu is targeting nationalist voters with his anti-refugee and strong security stance in a bid to defeat incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan," the report said, under the headline "Presidential challenger targets nationalists in runoff vote."

Germany-based Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper brought the latest poll results to the agenda.

According to the results of the polls, President Erdgan is the favorite against Kilicdaroglu in the runoff of the elections.

"The election campaign in Türkiye is increasingly characterized by sharp nationalist rhetoric,"Tagesschau wrote under the headline "Nationalism won the election. This has also influenced the distribution of seats in the new parliament."

Middle East Eye, "Turkey elections: How Erdoğan won the first round, and Kilicdaroglu's U-turn".

"With Kilicdaroglu moving to the right on nationalism and immigration and Erdogan focusing on his unifying credentials, it is still anyone's game in round two," it said.

Analyzing why President Erdogan is the favorite in the runoff, Al Arabiya newspaper wrote that the AK Party, which has been in power for 20 years, has developed a deep loyalty among conservative and religious voters.

"Erdogan is spending lavishly on infrastructure to please the electorate," the report said, adding that Erdogan's foreign policy steps were welcomed by the Turkish public.

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