Voting has ended across Türkiye

2023-05-28 17:21:17 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-28 17:36:57

Voting for the second round of the Presidential Election has ended across Türkiye.

Voting has ended across Türkiye
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Turkish people went to the polls again to elect a new president. The voting process, which started in the morning hours, ended at 05:00 PM. With the closing of the ballot boxes, the vote counting process started.

More than 191,000 ballot boxes were set up in 973 districts and 1094 district election boards across the country for the elections to determine the president of Türkiye who will serve for 5 years. More than 60 million voters in Türkiye cast their ballots in the elections today.

In the runoff election, the presidential candidate of the People's Alliance, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the presidential candidate of the National Alliance, Kemal Kılıcdaroglu, are competing.


Speaking to reporters after casting his vote in Ankara, Ahmet Yener, President of the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK), said that citizens showed great interest in the runoff of the elections both at home and abroad, as in the first round.

Responding to a question on how soon the election results will be announced, Yener said, "As is known, the elections on May 14 were an election in which our presidential candidates and 24 political parties participated. Since only presidential candidates competed in this election, we think that it will be concluded earlier."


You can follow the election results on



Yener also responded to the question about what time the election bans will be lifted by saying, "After 05:00 PM, the Board will evaluate the time at which the broadcasting ban will be lifted, and if the ban is lifted at an earlier time and television channels and news agencies are allowed to report news, it will be shared with you."


Within the scope of the election bans, alcoholic beverages cannot be sold from 06:00 AM until 00.00 AM, and it will be forbidden to serve and drink alcoholic beverages in public places. Places of entertainment will remain closed during the voting period, and only meals can be served in restaurants that are places of entertainment.

Weddings may be held after 06:00 PM, provided that the election bans and the specified rules are observed.

No one other than those in charge of protecting security and public order will be allowed to carry weapons. Radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs will not be able to broadcast news, forecasts and comments about the election and election results until 06:00 PM today. Radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs will only be allowed to broadcast news and communiqués issued by the SBE between 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM.

All broadcasts will be free after 09:00 PM, but the SBE may decide to release broadcasts before 09:00 PM if deemed necessary.