5 dead after explosion at rocket and explosives factory in Türkiye

2023-06-10 10:50:00 | Last Update : 2023-06-10 12:55:55

According to breaking news, an explosion occurred at rocket and explosives factory in Türkiye. According to the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, 5 workers were martyred in the explosion.

An explosion occurred at the factory of MKE (Mechanical Chemistry Endustri) in Ankara's Elmadag district. Fire brigade and ambulance teams have been sent to the area and search and rescue operations are underway.

According to Ihlas News Agency, an explosion occurred in the morning at the MKE rocket and explosives factory in Ankara's Elmadag district. 


In the MKE rocket and explosives factory operating in Tatlica neighborhood of Elmadag, an explosion occurred in the production hall of the factory in the morning.

The sound of the explosion was heard in the surrounding settlements. Smoke rose above the factory after the explosion. Many police, ambulance, AFAD and fire brigade teams were dispatched to the scene. MKE fire brigade and Ankara fire brigade continue search and rescue operations inside the factory.

Relatives of the workers who learned that there was an explosion in the factory flocked to the front of the factory.


The Ministry of National Defense issued a statement on the issue. The statement read as follows;

"An explosion occurred at the MKE Rocket and Explosive Factory in Elmadag district of Ankara. As a result of the explosion, 5 of our workers were martyred. A judicial and administrative investigation has been initiated. "

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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