Joint statement by Erdogan and Aliyev on Zangezur corridor

2023-06-13 15:16:49 | Last Update : 2023-06-13 15:30:37

Turkish President Erdogan traveled to Azerbaijan, his second stop after the elections. After his meeting with Azerbaijani President Aliyev in Baku, he made important statements at the joint press conference. In his statements, Erdogan gave the message of the Zangezur corridor and stated that relations will be further strengthened.

Joint statement by Erdogan and Aliyev on Zangezur corridor
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan paid a visit to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, his second stop after his first visit to TRNC as part of his foreign visits after the elections.  Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev welcomed Erdogan with an official ceremony. Following his meeting with his counterpart Aliyev, Erdogan made joint press statements. 

Highlights from Aliyev's statements:

Welcome to Azerbaijan. I congratulate you once again on your re-election as the President of the Republic. Türkiye has come a long way under your leadership. Your visit is highly appreciated by the people of Türkiye. I am sure that after this election new horizons will open in the brotherhood between Türkiye and Azerbaijan. Today we discussed with you both the work done and the work to be done.

We will see the 2nd anniversary of the Shusha Declaration. With this agreement, Türkiye and Azerbaijan officially became allies. The Shusa declaration became the official declaration of cooperation. Shusa put an end to the Second Karabakh War. I would like to thank brotherly country Türkiye once again.

Among the issues discussed today were the future affairs. The activity in foreign policy is of great importance for the region. Türkiye-Azerbaijan unity is a great factor for the development and security of the region. The work to be done will further increase our power both in the region and in the world. The projects we will realize will ensure this.  In the energy issue, we consider not only gas but also renewable energies. The volume of cargo going through Azerbaijan will increase.


The opening of the Zangazur corridor is inevitable. Opening this corridor will open new opportunities for all countries. One of the issues under discussion is education.

Highlights of Erdogan's statements:

They presented the summary of the meeting between the delegations in a very good way. We walked with the understanding of two states and one nation. We will continue on our way decisively from now on. These visits are the best expression of how far the feelings between us have gone. We have experienced this continuously since we became Prime Minister and we will continue to do so as long as God gives us life. I would like to thank my brother Aliyev for this hospitality.


One of the steps we will take is the work on the Türkiye-Azerbaijan University, our Higher Education Council President reviewed the work today. 

Europe is very anxious about the gas they will receive through Türkiye and they are constantly making requests. We will continue to do our part. 


The steps to be taken in the Defense Industry are also very important. We also have duties on education. 

In the event that we resolve the Zengezur issue quickly, it will bring us two important situations. Türkiye's connections with Nakhchivan will become much stronger in terms of both road and railroad. Having these connections will strengthen the relations between Türkiye and Azerbaijan. Road is civilization. If you have roads, you have civilization. If you don't have roads, you have nothing, and at the moment, the issue that Azerbaijan is focusing on sensitively after these wars is roads. 

All tunnels, viaducts, these are the best way to show how Azerbaijan has developed after the Karabakh wars. We are proud when we see these. 

Population is the strength of a country and with this belief, my brothers and sisters from Türkiye and Azerbaijan, we will march into the future with the understanding of two states and one nation.

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