Egypt and Israel rapprochement scares Greece

2023-06-21 16:02:24 | Last Update : 2023-06-21 16:21:44

Greek media claimed that the appointment of Hakan Fidan as Foreign Minister opened a new chapter in Türkiye-US relations, pointing out that Fidan would accelerate the normalization process with Egypt and spearhead moves to improve Israeli-Turkish relations.

Egypt and Israel rapprochement scares Greece
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Türkiye's presidential elections in May, in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emerged victorious, were closely followed by the whole world. Now, as all eyes turn to the new era in Türkiye, the new agenda of the Greek media has been Türkiye's foreign policy.

The Greek press, which frequently carried the new ministers in the headlines and drew attention especially to Hakan Fidan and Yasar Guler, this time touched upon the US-Türkiye relationship. news website argued that with Fidan's appointment as Foreign Minister, the expected new page in Türkiye-US relations has already opened.


The article referred to Erdogan's meetings with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel. Erdogan emphasized that regional problems can only be solved in cooperation with Türkiye and called for 'fair treatment and full integration'. wrote that analysts believe that US-Türkiye relations will return to their old days in the long run, and emphasized that with the appointment of Hakan Fidan to the Foreign Ministry, the beginning of a new page in Washington-Ankara relations may have already been opened.


Alexandra Fotaki, the author of the analysis, pointed out that Hakan Fidan's appointment as Foreign Minister will accelerate the normalization process with Egypt and noted that although relations between the two countries have been strained in recent years, the aim now is to 'end the coldness'.


The author also discusses the Israeli media coverage of Türkiye's new foreign minister, noting that Hakan Fidan has spearheaded moves to improve Israeli-Turkish relations and quoting Israeli expert Nimrod Goren, head of the Mitvim Institute;

"Hakan Fidan is someone who has played a key role in relations with Israel for many years and has connections with the Israeli intelligence leadership even in times of tension between the countries."


Emphasizing that Israel is warming to Fidan's foreign ministry, the author claimed that for Athens, Türkiye's rapprochement with Greece's allies is not a cause for concern, but he issued a warning to Israel.

Arguing that Israel should be careful when cooperating with Türkiye, the author said, "Israel should refrain from expanding its cooperation with Turkey in any way in natural gas exports. Because any mistake could be costly. It could lead to significant strategic and financial losses."


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