Wagner's flight tickets exceed 100,000 liras in Russia after coup attempt

2023-06-25 17:05:57 | Last Update : 2023-06-25 17:18:17

In Russia, shaken by the coup attempt after the tensions caused by the Ukraine war, citizens are racing to get out of the country. Türkiye has become the number one vacation destination for Russians. Flight tickets skyrocketed after the Wagner rebellion. Prices for direct flights from Moscow to Antalya reached 106,000 liras.

Wagner's flight tickets exceed 100,000 liras in Russia after coup attempt
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Wagner, the mercenary group that Russian President Vladimir Putin led to the front line in Ukraine, has suppressed a rebellion by saying that the Russian army is bombarding their troops. While the armed rebellion of Wagner, who seized the border city of Rostov, was interpreted as a coup attempt, the crisis was stopped with the intervention of Belarus. With the coup attempt, countries such as Latvia closed their borders to Russia while Russian citizens lined up to leave the country. With the tension of the war in Ukraine, which lasted for more than a year, the first choice of Russians was Türkiye.


The Russian Travel Industry Association announced that Türkiye has become the number one foreign holiday destination for Russians in the summer of 2023. The statement said that 35-65 percent of the current international tours sold are to Türkiye. According to GazetemRu, the Russian Travel Industry Association statement emphasized that although there was a decline in package tour sales to Türkiye at the beginning of the year due to the increase in hotel prices, by the end of June, this destination ranked first in demand.


RST Vice President Dmitry Gorin said that last year 750 flights a week were operated to Türkiye during the peak season, and this year an agreement was reached on a maximum of 1200 flights a week from 22 Russian cities to the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Izmir.


On the other hand, the high demand for Türkiye also manifested itself in airfares. Airline tickets, which were quite stable until a few days ago, have increased significantly due to the high demand. In addition, it became very difficult to find a flight ticket. Prices for direct flights from Moscow to Antalya exceeded 106,000 liras.

Source: TGRT News

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