Sisi's upcoming visit to Ankara worries Greece

2023-07-05 16:41:37 | Last Update : 2023-07-05 16:48:17

Ambassadors were appointed between Türkiye and Egypt after 13 years. The development caused a great repercussion in the Greek media and many Greek newspapers carried the news on their headlines. Greek Ethnos newspaper wrote that Egyptian President Sisi is planning to visit Ankara in the near future.

Sisi's upcoming visit to Ankara worries Greece
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In 2011, a new era began between Türkiye and Egypt, which froze their relations for many years after the tension that started with the military coup that ousted the 5th President Mohamed Morsi, who was elected for the first time. 

Türkiye and Egypt raised diplomatic relations to the level of embassy. In a joint statement released by Türkiye and Egypt, Türkiye nominated Ambassador Salih Mutlu Sen as its Ambassador to Cairo and Egypt nominated Amr Elhamamy as its Ambassador to Ankara.


This diplomatic development between Türkiye and Egypt was widely reported in the Greek media.

Ethnos newspaper announced the development with the title "Türkiye and Egypt appoint ambassadors - An important step towards the restoration of relations".

"Türkiye and Egypt have agreed to appoint ambassadors for the first time in 13 years as part of the restoration of diplomatic relations that have been frozen since the 2013 military coup in Egypt."

Egyptian President Sisi is planning to visit Ankara in the near future, while Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan will pay a visit to Egypt within 3 months.

CNN Greece reported that 'Türkiye and Egypt upgraded their relations by appointing ambassadors', while Kathimerini chose the headline 'Türkiye and Egypt closer'. Reminding that Ankara and Cairo appointed ambassadors for the first time in ten years, Kathimerini commented on the 'new era'.


The newspaper also wrote that Fidan and Kalın played a role in the diplomatic initiatives. "Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, then head of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT), and Ibrahim Kalin, the current head of the Egyptian National Intelligence Organization (MIT), are said to have played an important role in the rapprochement efforts with Egypt," the article said.

Ta Nea newspaper ran the headline 'New ambassadors-Türkiye and Egypt normalize relations', while, one of Greece's most popular websites, ran the headline 'Relations between Türkiye and Egypt on track-Ambassadors appointed to Cairo and Ankara'.


Egyptian daily Al-Ahram used the photo of Erdogan and Sisi shaking hands on its front page with the headline 'Türkiye and Egypt upgrade diplomatic relations to ambassador level'. Another news article in the same media outlet was presented to the readers with the title 'Relations are resuming'.

Youm7 newspaper said 'Egypt and Türkiye raise diplomatic relations to the level of ambassadors' and published a portrait of Amr El Hamami, the nominated ambassador to Ankara. Youm 7 noted that Hamami, who will represent Cairo in Ankara, has great diplomatic experience.


Al-Shuruk newspaper reported the reaction from Saudi Arabia. The headline of the article was 'Saudi Arabia: Improved relations between Türkiye and Egypt will have a positive impact on the region'.

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