Istanbul's artistic tapestry unveiled: A scholarly exploration by professor Irepoglu

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Professor Irepoglu takes us through a journey of Istanbul's artistic evolution, highlighting the city's transition from a picturesque subject to a soulful muse in art

Istanbul's artistic tapestry unveiled: A scholarly exploration by professor Irepoglu

In her recent interview with Türkiye Gazetesi, professor Dr. Gul Irepoğlu, an esteemed art historian and author of "Istanbul'un Resmi" (Picture of Istanbul), highlighted Istanbul's magnetic pull on artists throughout history. The conversation, rooted in the context of the Türkiye Is Bankasi Painting and Sculpture Museum's extensive collection, offered a glimpse into the city's artistic soul.

"Istanbul was always seen as a predestined world capital," said Irepoglu, pinpointing the city's strategic significance and intimate bond with the sea as key inspirations for artists. She observed that, before the advent of photography, art played a crucial role as the primary medium for preserving the beauty of Istanbul.

The interview also delved into the evolution of Istanbul's representation in Turkish painting. "Turkish painting, to a large extent, started with Istanbul's landscapes," Irepoğlu explained, acknowledging the city's pivotal role in the development of national art. This transition from panoramic landscapes to more profound representations of Istanbul's spirit marks a notable shift in artistic focus.

Noteworthy artists like Hikmet Onat, Avni Lifij, Nazmi Ziya Guran, Feyhaman Duran, and Ibrahim Calli are celebrated for their ability to capture Istanbul's essence. "Portraying Istanbul's deep soul on canvas is a true art," Irepoglu said, commending these artists' skill in encapsulating the city's ambiance.

Irepoglu concluded by underscoring the significance of the museum's collection in chronicling the trajectory of Turkish art. With over 2,700 pieces, the collection not only documents Istanbul's visual history but also narrates its enduring romance and artistic allure.

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