Türkiye's new central bank governor pledges tight monetary policy

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The Turkish central bank's recently appointed governor, Fatih Karahan, vows to uphold monetary tightness in his inaugural statements

Türkiye's new central bank governor pledges tight monetary policy

On Sunday, Türkiye's newly appointed central bank governor, Fatih Karahan, affirmed his team's commitment to maintaining a tight monetary policy until inflation aligns with their targeted levels.

This announcement follows Hafize Gaye Erkan's abrupt resignation. She stepped down, citing her need to protect her family amid what she described as a "reputation assassination."

In his inaugural comments after assuming office, Gov. Karahan emphasized that the primary focus would be achieving price stability. 

The swift change in leadership at the central bank reflects the challenges facing Türkiye's economic landscape, particularly concerning inflation. 

In the coming months, the central bank's ability to navigate economic uncertainties and the government's broader fiscal and structural policies will play a crucial role in determining the trajectory of Türkiye's economic recovery.

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