Survivors of Türkiye's earthquake struggle for normalcy a year later

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Survivors of the Hatay earthquake grapple with rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of devastation

Survivors of Türkiye's earthquake struggle for normalcy a year later

A year after the devastating earthquake that struck southern Türkiye, survivors continue to grapple with the aftermath, facing challenges in rebuilding their lives. 

The 7.8 magnitude quake, the deadliest in Turkish history, left thousands dead and millions homeless, triggering a humanitarian crisis that persists today.

Despite several moves, including living in tents and container homes, he expresses difficulty adjusting and uncertain future prospects.

In the wake of the disaster, the Turkish government pledged to rebuild homes across the affected provinces, aiming to provide housing for those affected. 

However, a year later, many residents still live in temporary shelters, and the promise of new homes has not been fully realized.

As the earthquake survivors navigate ongoing hardships and uncertainty, the road to recovery remains complex and multifaceted. 

The rebuilding process involves physical infrastructure and the emotional and economic well-being of those affected, highlighting the enduring impact of natural disasters on communities.

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