United global effort: Healing Türkiye's earthquake-stricken communities

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Remembering the global response to the 2023 earthquake, celebrities took the forefront in leading immediate aid efforts

United global effort: Healing Türkiye's earthquake-stricken communities

As Türkiye commemorates the first anniversary of the Feb. 6, 2023 earthquake, the nation remembers the day marked by loss but also by an extraordinary global response.

While the victims of the quake and the whole country struggled to process the incident, which was a living nightmare, Turkish and international celebrities took on the mission to help those in need.

Turkish celebrities support victims

Turkish actor Kıvanc Tatlıtug led the relief efforts with a contribution of approximately $53,000, as reported by Levent Yuksel, who took several initiatives to help those in need. Their generosity was echoed by footballers Merih Demiral and Murat K., who donated around $32,700 and $325,600, respectively. These contributions reflected the unending solidarity between the Turkish people, the strong sense of community, and their wish to help one another.

The support extended beyond monetary assistance. Harun Tekin, the lead singer of Mor ve Otesi, shared his efforts in dispatching 22 trucks loaded with supplies to the affected areas. Acun Ilicali, a renowned media figure, amplified these efforts by sending 100 trucks of water and pledging significant material support, showcasing the depth of the domestic response to the disaster.

International celebrities' initiatives

Internationally, empathy was equally robust. The British Royal Family and actors Helen Mirren, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner utilized their platforms to advocate for relief organizations. Global celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Shakira, Jimmy Fallon and Gigi Hadid directed their followers to donate to UNICEF, broadening the scope of aid.

Meanwhile, a heart-touching moment came from the Netherlands, where a fundraiser led by Dutch-Turkish artist Karsu Dönmez raised over $90 million. Karsu, who lost 10 relatives in the quake, moved many to tears with her rendition of “Neredesin Sen?” in memory of her cousin and other victims.

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