Feb. 6 earthquake assistance needs to continue, UNHCR says

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UNHCR spokesperson expresses appreciation for donors' contributions following the Feb. 6 earthquakes but emphasizes the need for continued support to address critical humanitarian needs

Feb. 6 earthquake assistance needs to continue, UNHCR says

During a weekly press briefing at the United Nations Office in Geneva, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Spokesperson Shabia Mantoo reflected on the first anniversary of the earthquakes that affected 11 provinces in Türkiye and parts of Syria.

Mantoo noted that a year after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the situation for millions of displaced Syrians had further deteriorated. She highlighted that an estimated 90% of Syria's population lived in poverty, with 12.9 million experiencing food insecurity and 7.2 million internally displaced.

Detailing the impact of the earthquake across Syria, Mantoo stated that it affected 8.8 million people nationwide, with 40,000 still displaced in the northwest.

Highlighting Türkiye's status as one of the countries hosting the largest number of refugees globally, Mantoo underscored that the earthquake affected a region where 1.7 million refugees resided.

She warned about the increasing humanitarian needs following the Feb. 6 earthquakes, stating, "We appreciate the assistance provided by donors promptly and generously, but we call for continued support to meet critical humanitarian needs."

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