Turkish security forces detain 147 in nationwide raids

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Turkish forces detain 147 Daesh-affiliated suspects across 33 provinces

Turkish security forces detain 147 in nationwide raids

In a nationwide counterterrorism operation named "KAHRAMANLAR-49" (Heroes-49), Turkish security forces have detained 147 suspects linked to the Daesh terrorist organization.

The operation, coordinated by theTürkiye's intelligence agency MIT and the counterterrorism department of the Turkish National Police, spanned 33 provinces, including Adana, Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Ankara, and Istanbul.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya emphasized the relentless efforts of the security forces to ensure national peace and unity.

"We will not allow terrorists any opportunity to disrupt our nation's peace," Yerlikaya stated on social media.

"Our security forces' unwavering efforts will continue unabated. I commend our heroic police officers who conducted these operations. May they never stumble. We organize operations day and night throughout the year, across all seasons and months. Our fight against terrorism will persist with determination until the last terrorist is rendered ineffective."

The nationwide raids resulted in the arrest of suspects in various cities, with notable numbers in Afyonkarahisar (17), Ankara (8), and Izmir (11).

These operations are part of Türkiye's continuous efforts to combat terrorism and maintain national security. Yerlikaya reiterated the commitment to counterterrorism, highlighting that operations are regularly conducted throughout the year to ensure the safety and unity of the Turkish people.

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