'Ankara's Dark Knight': Student donning Batman costume captivates locals on streets

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People are surprised to see Ali Efe Arslan walking around the streets three days a week donning Batman's costume – the comic book hero he is a fan of

'Ankara's Dark Knight': Student donning Batman costume captivates locals on streets

Ali Efe Arslan, a student at the Department of Cartoon and Animation at Başkent University, was photographed wandering on the streets of Ankara, three days a week wearing the iconic costume of his favorite comic book hero Batman.

Arslan, who walks around in Batman's costume, continues to be the center of attention of people passing by.

Arslan, who has always been interested in the comic book superhero Batman, shared that he particularly chose to study cartoon animation for this reason.

Saying that he wanted to be like Batman when he was a child, Arslan said: "For this reason, I designed a Batman costume. There are ready-made clothes, but since they are quite steep, I designed the costume myself and it costed me around TL 8,000."

"I prepared Batman's cape with my aunt. We did it together," the young Batman fan delved into details.

Designing Batmobile

The youngster said that he was most often asked about Batman's car, the Batmobile.

"For now, I use public transportation for my transportation. If I have the money, I will design the car and drive around the streets of Ankara in that car," he added.

"I feel like myself in the costume, I enjoy it very much. I feel like the person I am in my daily life and the person wearing the costume are two very different people," Arslan shared.

Expressing his feelings about how he was overwhelmed by the great response he received from the people around him, Arslan said that so many people wanted to click pictures with him when he is out on the streets.

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