AK Party's Istanbul mayoral candidate Kurum casts his vote in Kagithane, Istanbul

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AK Party's Istanbul mayoral candidate Murat Kurum casts his vote and emphasizes the importance of the participation of citizens in the democratic process

AK Party's Istanbul mayoral candidate Kurum casts his vote in Kagithane, Istanbul

AK Party's Istanbul mayoral candidate Murat Kurum cast his vote in Istanbul and delivered a speech, thanking the citizens and emphasizing the importance of the election.

"Dear friends, esteemed fellow Istanbulites, first and foremost, I greet you all with respect and reverence. In the last three months, we have shared our projects and dreams with the people of Istanbul; we have visited their homes, their neighborhoods, and their streets. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people of Istanbul. I thank each and every one of them for embracing me as a brother, as one of their own. Today, my wife Sengul and I have cast our votes. I wish the best for Istanbul, for our country, for our people. Hopefully, today we will experience a great democracy festival here in Istanbul.

"We are about to make a crucial decision for the future of Istanbul, for the future of our children. We will work toward eliminating earthquake risks, solving traffic issues, and ensuring the peace and security of all citizens of Istanbul.

"I urge all our citizens to cast their votes and protect their votes in the ballot boxes. Go and exercise your voting rights and safeguard the integrity of the ballot boxes. Hopefully, the voting process will conclude by five o'clock this evening, and five years from now, we can proudly say that all our citizens exercised their right to vote. We have eagerly anticipated this day with the words, 'March 31st is coming; a beautiful day will dawn on March 31st'.

"Hopefully, today we will mark an early celebration together with all Istanbulites, first at our provincial headquarters and then at Sarachane, sharing this enthusiasm with all our fellow Istanbulites.

"We will follow the process at the provincial presidency. Our party members will also be there. Together, we will monitor all our ballot boxes, both to address any needs and to monitor the process. Thank you very much.

"I thank our organizations, I thank our mayors, I thank our president, for truly being by our side, for supporting us throughout this process. I thank our Nationalist Movement Party Chairman Devlet Bahceli, I thank our Grand Unity Party Chairman Mustafa Destici, and I offer the greatest support and thanks to our esteemed nation. May they be blessed. Hopefully, together we will realize their dream this evening. Thank you very much, bless you all."

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