Interior Minister Yerlikaya slams terrorists, criminal organizations

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Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya vows to dismantle conspiracies against the government, targeting those collaborating with terrorist and organized crime groups

Interior Minister Yerlikaya slams terrorists, criminal organizations

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya issued a stern warning on social media platform X, vowing to dismantle attempts aimed at undermining President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the government, and politicians. 

"Whoever is trying to play games against our president, our government, and our politicians by aligning with terrorist organizations and their extensions, organized crime groups, and using Fethullah Terror Organization's (FETO) tactics on social media, we will shatter their games and the traps they set," he said. 

'We will continue to bring their schemes crashing down'

Yerlikaya expressed that under the leadership of Erdogan, they have not and will not allow organized crime groups, urban bandits, internationally cartelized drug traffickers, international migrant smuggling organizations, illegal structures connected with foreign intelligence services, and crime hubs to operate.

Yerlikaya said, "Whoever tries to hinder our fight, whoever uses FETO-like secret witness tactics to make their own dark schemes prevail, we will continue to bring their schemes crashing down."

Civil Inspection Board report to be completed shortly

Indicating that they will thoroughly investigate and identify structures within any institution targeting President Erdogan, the government, and politicians and bring them to justice, Yerlikaya continued:

"The report by the Civil Inspection Board will be completed shortly. They are examining every step taken, every phone record, one by one. We will share this report with the public in the finest detail. And we will take the necessary action.

Our noble nation can rest assured; just as we have entered the dens of traitors in the fight against the Separatist Terrorist Organization and FETO, we will also find and extract these crime hubs from every hole they are hiding in."

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