The chaotic handling of Brexit over the past two years made Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon more “confident than ever” that her country will be “independent".

Speaking at the final day of her Scottish National Party’s autumn conference in Glasgow, Sturgeon said their task now is to step up work to update and strengthen the case.

Despite not giving any specific time for a second independence referendum, also known as the IndyRef2, Sturgeon said: “We must show people that with the powers of independence we can fully realize our country’s vast potential and take our case to every home, community and workplace across the land.”

“Brexit is about turning inwards, pulling up the drawbridge, retreating from the world,” Sturgeon said, describing independence as “opposite of Brexit".

She said Labour and the Tories promised in 2014 that Westminster would provide strength and security.

“Westminster hasn’t delivered strength and security. It has brought chaos, incompetence and confusion,” she added.

A September 2014 referendum on independence saw Scots vote in favor of remaining in the U.K.

In March 2017, Sturgeon had said the Scottish regional government will seek a second referendum on independence to be held by the spring of 2019.

“The future relationship between the U.K. and the EU will determine the context in which Scotland would become independent,” she had said.

Sturgeon has previously stated that she would update the Scottish National Party on her plans about the second referendum after the central U.K. government revealed the terms of a Brexit deal, which is still to be agreed between the country and the EU.