Turkish parliament head embarks on visit to Hungary

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Visit to further cement deep-rooted ties between Turkey and Hungary, Binali Yildirim says

Turkish parliament head embarks on visit to Hungary

Turkish parliament speaker on Sunday said the deep-rooted ties between Turkish and Hungarian people will be further cemented by his visit to Budapest.

Speaking to reporters at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport before his departure, Yildirim said, he would meet his Hungarian counterpart Laszlo Kover "to discuss cooperation between the parliaments, relations between two countries, as well as regional and international issues."

Yildirim stressed the two countries have bilateral relations in every field, "from history to culture, from science to art, from defense to education, from agriculture to architecture.”

Recalling the 95th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Hungary, the Turkish parliament speaker said the two countries have also been developing their partnership within the framework of NATO.

Source : AA
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