Turkey’s state-run aid agency has inaugurated a brand-new free health care center in Mexico, the only center serving some 15,000 residents in an area hit hard by a 2017 earthquake.

The Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TIKA) this weekend opened the 1,750-square- meter (18,837 square foot) wellness center in El Espinal in Oaxaca, central Mexico, said an agency statement.

The center will provide first-class health service to 300 people per day, free of charge, said the agency.

The center boasts two medical clinics, a dental clinic, gynecology facilities, a delivery room, a preventive health services room, a staff training room, and a pharmaceutical depot.

Housing for doctors working at the center is also provided.

The center’s opening ceremony was attended by Turkish Ambassador to Mexico Tahsin Timur Soylemez, Oaxaca State Governor Alejandro Ismael Murat Hinojosa, TIKA Vice Chair Birol Cetin, El Espinal Mayor Hazael Matus Toledo, and many locals.

Speaking at the opening, Hinojosa expressed his thanks to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"This town went through one of history's greatest catastrophes, we had fallen, but Turkey came to our aid from far away," he said.

Cetin said the world’s problems can only be solved if the burden is shared.

"This healthcare center is a part of Turkey," said Toledo.

"We will hold commemorative and celebratory events to mark Turkish national holidays and special occasions at this center," he added.

The center is the only health center serving 15,000 people, including El Espial and its surroundings.