Israeli police changed their statement: The attack occured place on the street, not the synagogue

2023-02-03 14:15:35 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-02-03 14:29:34

Occupier Israeli police changed their statement that the attack in the illegal Jewish settlement of Neve Yakov in East Jerusalem was "made in the synagogue".

Israeli police changed their statement: The attack occured place on the street, not the synagogue
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On January 27, an attack occured place in Neve Yakov, in occupied East Jerusalem, and 7 people were killed. Invading Israel announced that this attack was carried out in the synagogue. Now Israel has changed its explanation.

After the incident, many press members and eyewitnesses went to the region. Those who testified said that the attack did not take place in the synagogue, but in a street near the temple. The Israeli police changed their statement after these statements.

In his new statement, the police used the expression 'attack on the street outside the synagogue' instead of 'attack in the synagogue'. In other words, the police changed their previous statements.


Israeli activist Ofer Neiman made assessments on the subject and said that the reason the police's statement was a lie was to make propaganda in favor of Israel. Neiman cited the Shirin Abu Akile incident as an example. In this incident, he said that the Israeli police first killed journalist Akile, and then he said that "Israel may have shot him".


Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Nurit Peled-Elhaman said that the reason for the police statement was to create sympathy for Israel.

Peled-Elhaman also said, "Israeli police make such (manipulative) statements frequently." said.

Peled-Elhaman criticizes that when the murdered person is a Jew, there is sympathy, but when a Palestinian is killed, there is no sympathy.


Seven Israelis were killed in an armed attack on Friday night in a Jewish settlement in occupied East Jerusalem. 3 people were also injured. Palestinian Hayri Alkam, who carried out the attack, was also shot dead at the scene.