Ugandan group Masaka Kids Africana commemorates earthquake victims with music

2023-02-13 14:06:56 | Last Update : 2023-02-13 16:34:58

Little Ugandan orphans commemorated the earthquakes in Türkiye that hit northern Syria and southern Türkiye with singing. Masaka Kids Africana group called for help for earthquake victims in Türkiye. They made a music video for the victims.

The famous music group Masaka kids Africana, formed by Ugandan orphans, expressed its support for those who lost their lives in the earthquakes that hit the north of Syria and the south of Türkiye, in the video clip shared on social networks.

It was dressed in flocked T-shirts in the colors of Türkiye and bearing the flags of the two countries affected by a series of devastating earthquakes, that the little Ugandan singers paid a vibrant tribute to the victims.

The video clip shared on social media reveals a moving testimony of their compassion for the victims of the two devastating earthquakes that hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria.

The little Ugandan orphans have launched a call for union, hands turned towards the sky, in a sign of prayer, with in the background the ''Allahu Ekber'' chanted in the middle of the rubble by the rescuers who have been fighting since Monday in order to extract the inhabitants of the ruined buildings.


Masaka Kids Africana is a Uganda-based orphanage that provides children with safe shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care to children facing difficult situations. Thanks to the institution, these young people receive an education and acquire the skills necessary for their future success.

The Ugandan orphans of the group Masaka Kids Africana became famous following the publication of their videos, in which they sing and dance, which went viral and shared on their social networks, in particular Instagram where their page has no less than 6.8 million followers and their YouTube channel.

At dawn on Monday February 6, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria, followed by another a few hours later with a magnitude of 7.6 and hundreds violent aftershocks, which resulted in huge loss of life and property in both countries.

Source: AA

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