Israeli intelligence opposes Netanyahu's judicial reform

2023-03-09 10:56:28 | Last Update : 2023-03-09 11:05:15

Discussions on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's judicial reform are escalating tensions in the country. After 37 reservists, nearly 400 reservists in the special operations unit of Israel Military Intelligence also reacted to the reform. “We do not and will not have any dealings with a dictator,” the intelligence agents said, referring to Netanyahu.

Israeli intelligence opposes Netanyahu's judicial reform
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The reactions to the judicial reform that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to enact is growing like an avalanche within the army.

After the 37 reserve pilots in the Israeli Air Force announced that they would not participate in the training, approximately 400 reserve soldiers in the special operations unit of the Israeli Military Intelligence rebelled. Soldiers announced their "refuse to serve" in response to judicial reform.


Intelligence agents sent a letter to Israel's Chief of General Staff, Herzl Halevi, to the head of the internal security agency Shin-Bet Ronen Bar, and to David Barnea, head of the foreign intelligence agency Mossad, on this matter. In the letter, he stated that the soldiers and civilians in Israel "will act in accordance with the directives of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General in the event of a constitutional crisis, and will ensure that Israel is a democratic state subject to the rule of law."


Stating that they were involved in some of the most complex operations taking place behind enemy lines, the intelligence officers addressed Chief of General Staff Halevi, Shin-Bet Chairman Bar and Mossad Chief Barnea: "We have known you from time immemorial, we admire you and love you. Each of you started your impressive security journey in special operations. In special operations, we have always been taught to face reality and overcome it with all the courage and determination necessary.”


"We fear that the government is determined to stage a coup," the soldiers said.


Intelligence officials warned that as a result of the judicial reform in question, security personnel would have to be tried in international courts. If Israel ceases to be a democratic state, reservists announced their refusal to serve, saying, "We do not and will not have any agreement with a dictator. You cannot force reservists to serve a dictator. Once democracy is fully and fundamentally guaranteed, we will proudly maintain our volunteerism and anonymity. At the moment this is our reserve duty, we will not give up."


37 of the 40 reservists of the 69th Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as the Hammer Squadron, used the following statements. "On Wednesday, March 8, we will devote our time to talking and thinking on behalf of democracy and the unity of the nation. For this reason, we will not be participating in our reserve duty outside of operational activity today. We will attend (tasks) as scheduled for the rest of the week."


Israel does not have a written constitution. That is why the Supreme Court acts as the highest judicial authority. However, with the new judicial law, the powers of the Supreme Court will be limited. Parliament can override court decisions. The influence of the judiciary on the selection of judges will also decrease. In order for the reform to become law, it must be approved by three parliamentary sessions.

Meanwhile, Israel has "fundamental laws" regarding the functioning of the state, its administration, and human rights and freedoms. The Supreme Court has the authority to overturn the laws passed by the parliament on the grounds that it is against the "fundamental laws" accepted as the draft Constitution.


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