Hurricane Freddy could be the longest lasting hurricane in history

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Hurricane Freddy, which struck Madagascar in eastern Africa, caused 4 more deaths. Approximately 400 thousand people were affected by the hurricane, which caused a total of 21 deaths. Freddy also beat the record of Hurricane John, which lasted 31 days.

Hurricane Freddy could be the longest lasting hurricane in history

Hurricane Freddy, which hit the southeast coast of Africa in February, was effective again. The hurricane negatively affected life for the second time in Madagascar, 4 people died. Thus, the number of deaths due to the hurricane increased to 21.

Approximately 226 thousand people in Madagascar and 163 thousand people in Mozambique were adversely affected by the hurricane. Authorities in Mozambique announced that they have taken new measures by going into a state of alert for the second time due to the hurricane, which is expected to affect the coastal areas first and then move towards the inner parts of the country.

Photograph of Hurricane John from space


In the statement made by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it was stated that the hurricane, which formed for the first time last month and hit Madagascar on February 21 and Mozambique 3 days later, is still in effect. It was emphasized that Freddy, which has been on the Indian Ocean for 32 days, may be the longest lasting hurricane after Hurricane John in 1994, which lasted for 31 days in the Central Pacific. Evaluation of whether Freddy broke the record for Hurricane John is expected to take several months.


Freddy, who has already set a record with his accumulated power and 8 thousand kilometers of travel across the Indian Ocean, appeared on the Australian coast at the beginning of last February, hit Madagascar and then Mozambique after affecting Mauritius and La Reunion.


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