Hurricane Freddy hits Mozambique for the second time

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Hurricane Freddy, which is stated to be the longest lasting hurricane in history, struck Mozambique for the second time, causing the death of one person. The hurricane is expected to adversely affect half a million people in 4 regions.

Hurricane Freddy hits Mozambique for the second time

The Freddy hurricane hit the Zambezia region yesterday, bringing with it a downpour. A person whose house was destroyed in the second hurricane died. As a precaution, all power lines in the region were cut and flights were stopped.

In the images on the state channel TVM, it was seen that the strong wind destroyed the trees and damaged houses and workplaces.


Half a million people are expected to be adversely affected in the Zambezia, Tete, Sofala and Nampula regions. The World Meteorological Organization announced that the hurricane, which formed for the first time last month and hit Madagascar on February 21 and Mozambique 3 days later, could be the longest lasting hurricane in history.

In the first hurricane, approximately 226 thousand people in Madagascar and 163 thousand people in Mozambique were adversely affected, while dozens of people lost their lives.

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