Nearly 5,000 workers gathered in Berlin to demand a pay rise

2023-03-26 12:54:26 | Last Update : 2023-03-26 13:01:02

Nearly 5,000 workers gathered on the streets of Berlin to demand a pay rise. Workers in the public service sectors complained that high inflation was increasing their cost of living.

Nearly 5,000 workers gathered in Berlin to demand a pay rise
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Workers in Berlin, Germany gathered on Saturday to demand a pay rise. About 5,000 workers from the civil service sectors participated in the protests.

The protest was jointly held by United Services Union (Verdi), Railway and Transport Union (EVG) and Berliner Mieterverein (BMV), who said soaring inflation has raised living costs for most people. 


To call for a pay rise and rent reduction, more strikes will be scheduled from Monday. Trains, flights, city transportation systems and medical services will be impacted.

"Today we protest against that the living costs in Berlin are becoming so expensive for many people that it is difficult to live on our income," said Michael Bartl, president of EVG Berlin area.

There have been successive strikes across Germany recently, involving different industries. The German government called on all parties to seek common ground through negotiations and reduce impact on people's normal life.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, European countries started to impose sanctions against Russia since last year. The fallout of sanctions has pushed up inflation and add tensions between employers and unions.


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