16 killed, 13 missing in landslide in Ecuador

2023-03-29 10:21:21 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-29 10:25:49

The South American country of Ecuador has been shaken by a terrible disaster. 16 people lost their lives in a landslide in the country's Chimborazo state. Many people are missing.

16 killed, 13 missing in landslide in Ecuador
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In the statement made by the Ecuador National Risk Management Secretariat, it was stated that there was a landslide in the town of Alausi in Chimborazo state.

It was noted that 16 people have died, 13 people are missing and 10 people have been injured in the disaster so far.


Authorities stated that many neighborhoods remained under the ground and approximately 500 people were adversely affected.

Search and rescue efforts continue in the area.

Local media reports claimed that cracks had formed in the mountain in the region for a while, which triggered the landslide.