After Spain, Italy also surrendered to the flames

2023-03-29 13:01:57 | Last Update : 2023-03-29 13:04:58

Forest fires swept through Italy and Spain. The frightening fire, which started in the forest area in the Varese region of Italy, approached the houses. In the forest fire in eastern Spain, more than 4,900 hectares of land were destroyed, while 700 people left their homes.

After Spain, Italy also surrendered to the flames
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A forest fire broke out in the Varese region of northern Italy. The flames, which spread with the effect of strong wind and dry air, approached the houses. Firefighters worked hard all night to get the fire under control. Response to the fire continues with more than 30 firefighters, 9 fire trucks, 2 tankers and firefighting aircraft.


According to the news in Ihlas News, the fight against the first big fire of the year continues in Spain. While the fire that started on March 23 in the village of Villanueva de Viver in the city of Valencia in the east of the country still could not be brought under control, 1,700 people have had to leave their homes so far. More than 4,900 hectares of land turned to ash in the fire. In addition to the firefighters, the soldiers also support the extinguishing efforts.

Spain has been experiencing a prolonged drought for three years, with below-average rainfall. According to the European Forest Fires Information System (EFFIS), 493 fires broke out in the country last year, while 307 thousand hectares of land were damaged.


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