10-day strike at Heathrow Airport, England

2023-03-31 16:27:11 | Last Update : 2023-03-31 16:38:20

Airport security workers started a 10-day strike after Heathrow Airport in England failed to reach a compromise with the labor unions on wages.

10-day strike at Heathrow Airport, England
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Heathrow Airport in London, the capital of England, failed to reach an agreement with labor unions on a wage increase.

In the statement made by the labor union Unite, it was stated that the negotiations ended negatively because the airport management could not improve the salary offer at the expected rate.

Following the failure to reach an agreement, 1,400 security workers at the airport started a 10-day strike today at the call of the union.

In a statement made by Heathrow Airport, it was noted that the emergency plan was put in place to prevent passengers from being affected by the strike and the airport will continue to operate normally.

Expressing that 1,000 employees and management team will be deployed at the terminals to serve passengers during the strike, the airport spokesperson said, "We know that the majority of our colleagues do not support the strike."

In a statement made by British Airways, it was stated that 32 flights per day will be canceled due to the strike that will end on April 9.

Airport management warned passengers to check their flights before going to the airport and asked passengers to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before short-haul flights and at least 3 hours before long-haul flights.

Heathrow Airport announced that it had offered a 10 percent retroactive increase in salaries as of January 1 and a lump-sum payment of more than a thousand pounds in negotiations with the unions.

(Ihlas News Agency)

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