French people came to the point of revolt against pension reforms

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Protests against pension reform continue in France. The people who rioted in the country invited French President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Angry protesters attacked Macron's favorite restaurant, La Rotonde.

French people came to the point of revolt against pension reforms

In France, the revolt against pension reform continues. During the official visit of President Emmanuel Macron to China, the streets in France were mixed again. According to the news of Anadolu, tens of thousands of people rebelled against the controversial pension reform, which was passed without a vote in parliament. The demonstrators chanted "Macron resign". A banner with the inscription "You will hear us until China" caught the attention of a protester.


The group that took action in the capital Paris attacked one of President Macron's favorite restaurants, La Rotonde. Activists attacked the police, who tried to prevent them, with bottles and stones. Security forces responded with tear gas. Protesters also raided the Credit Agricole bank branch in Paris.


In the historic La Rotonde, frequented by famous names including Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, Macron and his team celebrated their election victory in 2017.


According to the reform, which sparked protests across the country, the retirement age in France will be gradually increased by 3 months each year, starting from 1 September. The retirement age will reach 63 years and 3 months in 2027 and 64 years in 2030. From 2027, it will be necessary to have worked for 43 years to receive the full pension.

The Constitutional Council, which has the power to cancel some or all of the reforms, will decide on the controversial pension reform passed in parliament on 14 April. Experts say the Constitutional Council is unlikely to overturn the pension reform law.


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