Police uses disproportionate force againt protesters in Rennes

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Demonstrations continue after the adoption of the pension reform in France. Police and demonstrators continue to clash. This time, the police came face to face with the demonstrations gathered in Rennes. They used disproportionate force against the demonstrators.

Police uses disproportionate force againt protesters in Rennes

Protests continue after the approval of pension reform in France. This time around 1,500 demonstrators gathered in the city of Rennes, and the police again used disproportionate force against the demonstrators gathered in the centre.

Images on social media showed officers assaulting a young man with truncheons and fists, throwing him to the ground, and kicking him while crushing his legs under their boots.

In other footage, police were shown grabbing a man and dragging him to the ground after he appeared to be unconscious with his wrists tied.

Other photos on social media show Republican Security Companies (CRS) dragging a protester on the ground for several meters before apprehending her.

Another social media image from Rennes showed the CRS dragging an elderly man whose face was bleeding, as well as a young woman, whom they held by her hair.

While the images spread on social media, the French press prefers not to publish the images.


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