Drone Bombs in Bakhmut, Ukrainian's Stalingrad, became Russia's nightmare

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Drone Bombs in Bakhmut, Ukrainian's Stalingrad, became Russia's nightmare

The bloodiest conflict since the siege of Stalingrad in the second world war! The war that lasted for months… While Ukraine continued its resistance, Russia got in the way of its attacks.
How did Bakhmut cost the Russians? How did Russia move so slowly in the tiny little town of 70,000 people?

There is something interesting about the resistance of Ukraine, which repulsed the Russian attacks, we will talk about those bombs.
What happened in Stalingrad, where the Germans showed their attack, what is happening in Bakhmut today?

In June 1941, Nazi Germany began an intense invasion campaign to defeat the Red Army. German armies reached the Russians' Stalingrad position but met resistance from the guard. These resistance watchers were as fierce and bloody as in Bakhmut today.

It was also for the dictator Hitler that things went his way. As the resistance of the executive intensified, the clashes with the red army continued in the bloodiest way. He was sending his planes to Stalingrad to break his resistance to the restrictions of the Germans. The progress and resistance did not stop as in Bakhmut. Heavy losses of the Germans on the move delayed their entry at Stalingrad. The Germans did not stop their advance, but the Russians did not leave the resistance, did not surrender to the Germans.

Strong resistance caused the siege to slow down, as did Russia's advance on Bakhmut today. And let's not prolong this short Stalingrad period too much. Finally, in winter, the German front had to surrender to the Soviet army due to the winter, the lack of fuel and food for the tanks, and the weather conditions.

In Bakhmut, the knot of the war, the place where the bloodiest and bloodiest battles take place, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting with Wangir soldiers. The city is now leveled. It inflicts heavy losses on both sides.
There are both military and political reasons for wanting to buy Russian foreign assets. For Russia, this war will be the future of Bakhmut. There are salt and gypsum mines in the region, but the reason for Russia's insistence here is not thought to be wealth. If this victory is won, the lunar regions will provide psychological strength for the Russian army, which cannot advance.

Let's come to its geopolitical importance. For the Russian army, this region is one of the last remaining cities of Donbas. If the Bakhmut front is breached, the opening of the Russian apartments for the entire capture of Donbas is the gateway. Because right on the west side of Bakhmut are the most important cities in Donetsk. This will accelerate the Russian advance.


Russian blast losses tell Ukraine it's used really groundbreaking technologies. Ukraine in the resistance uses these grenades of connection to drones. There are great images. It's like rain on the front line of Russian Ashkehs. This technology allows the enemy to advance slowly. He facilitates his easy struggle to eliminate Russian soldiers. Drone attacks are so effective that they shoot directly at the point. Russia has both significant losses of trained soldiers and weapons military equipment.


Does this bloody conflict lead to a nuclear war in the face of the morale boosting of Putin's soldiers? Or would the siege of Bahmut, like Hitler's defeat at Stalingrad in Nazi Germany, be Putin's last move to retreat in Ukraine matches? We'll see.

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