Russian Foreign Minister describes Putin's arrest decision as 'scandal'

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, in defiance of the immunity of state officials, as "scandalous".

Russian Foreign Minister describes Putin's arrest decision as 'scandal'

"This real 'fake' court, which has become an obedient instrument in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons, continues to exhibit political bias, inefficiency and unprofessionalism," Lavrov told attendees at the XI Saint Petersburg International Law Forum via videoconference. said.

He added that the involvement of the ICC in the conflicts never helped to solve the problems, on the contrary, it escalated them. "Today, this structure takes new scandalous decisions, including the unilateral expansion of the jurisdiction. Violating international law, it ignores the immunity of state officials." African countries.

The senior Russian diplomat claimed that the "pseudo-Ukrainian dossier" was openly financed by Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, Romania and Japan. "This is a good example of 'such independent' justice under Western 'rules'," he said.

On March 17, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin and the presidential children's rights commissioner on charges of "deporting" Ukrainian children. Russia insisted that children be removed from the battlefield with the consent of their parents or legal representatives to protect them from the dangers of war, saying it did not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC and deemed it "invalid".


Another court, the UN International Court of Justice, has been under "huge" pressure for some time, according to Lavrov. "In this example, the neo-Nazi Kiev regime and its American overlords launched a 'perverted logic' argument against the Russian Federation under the Convention for the Prevention of Genocide."

The minister argued that the court would not be able to withstand pressure from the "collective West" and ordered so-called temporary measures so far. "In parallel, more than 30 countries, mainly EU and NATO members, are trying to participate in the process alongside Ukraine. We consider such actions as a clear abuse of Court procedures, open coercion and blackmail," he said. .

"A Western-centered order is unthinkable without a double standard... The Western minority is trying to replace UN-centered architecture with a "rules-based order", which Lavrov defines as an integral part of the "rules-based order". 'order' is the widespread use of illegitimate unilateral restrictions by Western states. This is a grave violation of the spirit and letter of the UN Charter. Sanctions are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Security Council."

The senior Russian diplomat explained that these "rules" had no legal basis and were "made by Washington and its allies", interpreted in accordance with this group and imposed on the world community as "obligatory".

"They are trying to punish those who disagree with the help of a variety of illegitimate means, from power repression to knowledge demonization," he said.


The minister described the rules-based order as "dividing", implying a split between "the elected ones" and the rest, "democracies" and "authoritarian regimes", with the "clearly articulated neo-colonial orientation".

Lavrov argued that Russia launched its "special military operation" in Ukraine based on Article 51 of the UN Charter, which guarantees the right of individual and collective self-defense "in response to Ukraine's aggression".

He said Russia consistently supports the UN Charter and international legislation and will continue to contribute to the UN's central and coordinating role in world affairs.

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