6 terrorists were killed in Balochistan

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In the operation carried out after the attack in Balochistan, 6 terrorists and a civillian were killed.

6 terrorists were killed in Balochistan

A Frontier Corps camp in the Muslim Bagh area of northern Balochistan was attacked in the early hours of Friday. At least 13 people, including soldiers, were killed in the attack.

The military launched an operation to rescue the hostages and clear the area, Inter-Services Punlic Relations, the military's media wing, reported.


An intense armed conflict took place in the operation, which started on Saturday. It was said, “at least six soldiers and a civilian were killed”. Six people, including a woman, were injured, reported Aljazeera.


The militant attacks intensified after Pakistan's talks with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) broke down in November last year.

The outfit specifically targets the police in Afghanistan's border areas.

Over the past few months, the law and order situation in the country has worsened, with terrorist groups executing attacks with near impunity across the country, reported Dawn.

Source: India Today - Aljazeera - Dawn

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