Death toll rises to 41 in Cyclone Mocha that hit Myanmar

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The death toll in Hurricane Mocha, which was effective in Myanmar, rose to 41. More than 100 people were reported missing. The death toll is expected to rise. While there are power cuts in the areas hit by the hurricane, work continues in the capital of Arakan to repair the communication lines.

The balance sheet is increasing in Cyclone Mocha, which has been effective since the weekend in Myanmar, a South Asian country.


It has been announced that the dead bodies of 41 people have been reached so far in Arakan state, where many regions in the west of the country are under water.


Local officials said they were concerned that the death toll could rise as more than 100 people were missing, Ihlas News Agency reported.

It was learned that while power cuts were experienced as a result of damage to the lines in the areas hit by the hurricane, many fishing boats became unusable due to the severe storm.

It was stated that work continues to repair communication lines in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan state, and streets are cleaned.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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