Activists graze cows in front of parliament in Germany

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Activists left 11 cows in the green area in front of the Bundestag Reichstag to graze because of the cows taken from their natural habitats.

Activists graze cows in front of parliament in Germany

According to Ihlas News Agency, Berlin, the capital of Germany, witnessed an unusual action today. Greenpeace and the Rural Agriculture Working Group (ABL) left 11 cows in front of the Bundestag Reichstag to protest that the cows are taken from their natural habitats and kept in barns. The activists, who wanted the cows to grow in accordance with their habitats, grazed the cows for a while in front of the Reichstag.

Greenpeace Spokesperson Lasse van Aken said in a statement that the 11 cattle in front of the Reichstag represent millions of their fellows and with this action they want to show that the cows belong to the pastures. Noting that the cows in the action were brought from an organic farm in Uckermark, Aken stated that they were very curious about the change of location of the cows and they looked very happy in front of the Reichstag.


Claiming that only 31 percent of all animals have access to pasture, the activists demanded Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir to encourage more grazing, while expressing that they wanted farmers to have the opportunity to obtain fairer prices in the milk market.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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