German police raided the office of Sabah newspaper

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German police raided the Frankfurt office of Sabah newspaper's European news center. It was stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stepped in for German Representative Ismail Erel and News Director Cemil Albay, who were taken into custody then released.

German police raided the office of Sabah newspaper

According to the information received from Sabah newspaper sources, the German police searched the homes of Ismail Erel and Cemil Albay and the European office of Sabah newspaper and confiscated computers and phones.

It was stated that there is not enough information about the purpose of the raid yet.

It was learned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and professional organizations stepped in for the release of the two journalists.

Diplomatic sources reported that the detention of the two journalists was unacceptable in terms of freedom of the press and this was communicated to the German authorities.

Sources noted that the issue was the subject of protests both in Ankara and Berlin, the treatment of journalists was unacceptable, and high-level talks are continuing with the German authorities for the release of the journalists.

After the event two journalists released.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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