Missing girl featured in Netflix documentary found years later

2023-05-19 11:38:03 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-19 11:44:16

The situation of a little girl who disappeared 6 years ago in the US was solved with a documentary released on the Netflix platform. The kidnapped girl and her father, who had been searching for her for years, were reunited thanks to Netflix.

Missing girl featured in Netflix documentary found years later
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In South Elgin, Illinois, USA, in 2017, Kayla Unbehaun, then 9 years old, was kidnapped by her mother, who did not have custody of her.

The world-renowned platform Netflix featured Unbehaun in a production called "Unsolved Mysteries".

According to CNN International, a store manager who watched this program recognized Unbehaun, who is now 15 years old.


At the end of the episode "Abducted by a Parent", photos of abducted children, including Unbehaun, were presented to the audience.

The "National Center for Abducted and Exploited Children" published several search ads about Unbehaun and, with the help of technology, shared age-graded photos of the little girl with the public.


Ryan Iskerka, the girl's father, commented: "I am so happy that Unbehaun will be safely home again. We ask for privacy to get to know each other again and to determine the direction of this new beginning."

Unbehaun was taken under police protection, while Heather Unbehaun, accused of kidnapping, was taken into custody and extradited to Illinois, where the crime took place.

Source: CNN International