Cowboy chases an escaped cow in the US

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On the interstate highway in Michigan, USA, a cow escaped from a farm and a cowboy on a horse chased her. The footage captured on the dashcam of a Michigan State Police patrol car went viral on social media.

An interesting incident took place on the interstate road in the US state of Michigan.

The dashcam in a patrol car belonging to the Michigan State Police recorded the interesting incident moment by moment.

According to the information conveyed by Ihlas News Agency, the cow that escaped from the farm went on the interstate road.

There was a chase on the interstate road between the cow and the cowboy who came after the cow to catch it.

The images of the cowboy on horseback preparing to throw a lasso drew attention.

"The cow was not charged and returned to the farm with a story to tell all the other farm animals," the police said in a statement.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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