Man arrested on suspicion of killing four people in Japan

2023-05-26 12:34:24 | Last Update : 2023-05-26 13:54:35

In Japan, the eldest son of the speaker of the city assembly has been arrested on suspicion of killing four people in a gun and knife attack. Two police officers were among the dead.

The son of a local lawmaker has been arrested in Japan on suspicion of killing four people, including two policemen, in a knife and gun attack, local media reported.

Masanori Aoki, 31, has admitted to “killing a policeman” during the incident on Thursday in the central Nagano province, Tokyo-based Kyodo News Agency quoted police as saying, Anadolu reported.

Mr Aoki is believed to be the eldest son of Masamichi Aoki, the speaker of the city assembly in Nakano, Independent reported.

Local residents had placed an emergency call on Thursday afternoon upon encountering a man "carrying a knife or a firearm," and he reportedly remains at large in the area.


Aoki, who was reportedly wearing a camouflage uniform, a hat, sunglasses and a mask, allegedly shot police officers who responded to the emergency call.

A witness told NHK public television that a woman fell while being chased by the suspect, who then allegedly stabbed her with a knife and shot at two police officers as they arrived at the scene on Thursday.


The man's attack on his first victim had been carried out with a 30cm long blade, witnesses said.

He was possessing a license for four firearms.

The four deceased included two women aged 66 and 70, and two cops of age 46 and 61 who were not wearing bulletproof vests when they reached the spot to respond to the situation.

He was taken into custody at around 4.37 a.m.

Source: Independent - Anadolu Agency




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