10 died as passenger bus plunges into valley in Kashmir

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In Kashmir, India, 10 people died and 55 people were injured when a passenger bus fell from a bridge into a valley.

10 died as passenger bus plunges into valley in Kashmir

A passenger bus carrying 75 people fell into a valley while crossing a bridge on the Srinagar highway in Jammu city of the Indian Kashmir region in the morning. The balance sheet of the bus, which turned into scrap, was heavy. While 10 people lost their lives in the accident, 55 people were injured.

Many police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. The injured were taken to a private hospital in the region. It is not yet known how the accident occurred and police teams announced that an investigation has started.

Indian President Draupadi Murmu expressed her condolences to those who lost their relatives in the accident.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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