14 detained in France during pension reform protests

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Thousands of people protested against the pension reform in Paris, the capital of France, while 14 people were detained during pre-protest checks. Demonstrators stormed the center of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Demonstrations against the pension reform, which caused mass protests in France, continue. Thousands of people in the capital Paris took to the streets again for the withdrawal of the controversial law that gradually raised the retirement age from 62 to 64.

With the call of trade unions, different sectors such as education, energy and transportation went on strike across the country. While 14 people were detained during police checks before the demonstration, some metro stations were temporarily closed for security reasons. Approximately 11,000 police officers, 4,000 of them in Paris, were deployed across the country due to the protest.

The demonstrators started their march from the Invalides Square at 02:00 PM local time and ended at 07:00 PM local time at the Piazza d'Italia. While there were slight disruptions in rail transportation due to the protest, one third of the flights were canceled at Paris-Orly Airport.


Anarchist Black Bloc members participating in the demonstration damaged some shops and bus stops and attempted to attack La Rotonde, one of President Emmanuel Macron's favorite restaurants. A brawl broke out between the security forces surrounding the restaurant and the Black Bloc members.

Black Bloc members also blocked the exit of fuel tankers from the Donges plant of TotalEnergies near Nantes.


A group of demonstrators stormed the headquarters of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in Paris. The demonstrators chanted "No pension, no Olympic Games".

While the security forces who came to the scene removed the demonstrators from the building, it was stated that there was no damage to the building and there was no violence.


Following the adoption of the pension reform without a vote in the National Assembly, using Article 49, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, two no-confidence motions were passed against President Macron's government. The first no-confidence motion was rejected due to the fact that themajority of 287 votes was not met by 9 votes, despite 278 deputies voting in favor. The second motion of no confidence failed with 94 votes in favor.

After both no-confidence motions failed in the National Assembly, the pension reform became law. A bill to withdraw the law will be discussed in the National Assembly on June 8.

According to the reform, which led to protests across the country, the retirement age in France will be gradually increased by 3 months every year starting September 1. The retirement age will reach 63 years and 3 months in 2027 and 64 years in 2030. As of 2027, it will be necessary to have worked for 43 years to receive the full pension.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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