Italian special forces rescue Turkish cargo ship

2023-06-10 16:18:52 | Last Update : 2023-06-10 16:34:16

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto announced that the operation on the Turkish cargo ship sailing from Türkiye to France, which was detained by illegal immigrants, ended successfully and the illegal immigrants were captured.

Italian special forces rescue Turkish cargo ship
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The operation carried out by the special forces unit in Naples, Italy yesterday evening on the Turkish ship Galata Seaways, on which 15 illegal immigrants were detected after leaving Yalova for the French port of Sete, ended. 

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto announced on his social media account that the ship was rescued. In his post, Minister Crosetto said, "Ship pirates were captured. Everything ended well. 

"I congratulate the members of the San Marco battalion, the police, the financial police for the operation they carried out in great cooperation."

It was learned that the ship's crew was in good health.


Italian news agency ANSA reported that the police, who entered the ship after the special forces, identified the illegal immigrants they communicated with through an interpreter. It was stated that 15 illegal immigrants, including 2 women, were from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

It was noted that the illegal immigrants were taken to the police and the Naples Chief Public Prosecutor's Office started an investigation into the incident. 

It was emphasized that the prosecutors are trying to find out how the incident took place, which people were involved in the hijacking, their real intentions and whether they have links to terrorism. 

It was also stated that two knives and a cutting tool were found during the investigations on the ship and that they could have been used to take the ship, Ihlas News Agency reported.


According to the statement made yesterday by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, 15 illegal immigrants with cutting tools were detected on board the Turkish ship, which was sailing towards Sete Port of France after leaving Yalova, and the ship's personnel took protection by locking themselves. 

As a result of the evaluation made with the ship captain and company officials, MRSC Ajaccio (France) and MRCC Rome (Italy) were contacted and it was decided to sail the ship to Naples Port of Italy in line with the request of the ship company officials and the approval of MRCC Rome. 

After arriving in Italy, an operation was organized by the special forces unit in the evening and two navy helicopters landed on the ship. Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto announced that the ship was under control and the operation was continuing.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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