Israelis remember Arabs in judicial reform protests

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On Saturday, as they do every week, Israeli protesters gathered against Prime Minister Netanyahu's judicial reform package. In the 23rd week of protests, the demonstrations criticized attacks on the Arab people.

Israelis remember Arabs in judicial reform protests

Tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets on Saturday to protest, as they do every week, against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's long-debated judicial reform.

Unlike in previous protests, this one also included slogans about the government's crimes against Arabs.

"100 Arabs were killed since the beginning of the year," a huge banner at the protest read.

Another banner read "Arab blood is not cheap".


For 23 weeks, protesters have persisted with weekly mass demonstrations against Netanyahu's proposed judicial overhaul that would give politicians greater sway over selecting judges.

The government argues that these changes are necessary to restore a balance among the branches of government.


Facing both domestic and international pressure and being on trial for corruption charges he denies, Netanyahu agreed to postpone the overhaul temporarily to engage in negotiations with the opposition.

The protesters themselves see it as a partial success that the reform was not adopted as quickly as Netanyahu wanted. Still, the government insists on change.

Source: Reuters

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