Visually impaired Muslim girl wows with piano recital

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Visually impaired Muslim Putri Ariani, who participated in a talent contest in the US, played the piano and sang on stage, impressing the audience.

Muslim Putri Ariani, who participated in a talent contest in the USA, is making a name for himself. Visually impaired Putri Ariani, who came to the US from Indonesia for the competition, conquered the hearts of the audience by playing the piano on stage. 

Impressing the audience with her talent, visually impaired Ariani said, "I have always dreamed of being in this competition since I was little. My biggest problem is that people look at me as a blind person, not as a musician. But when I sing, I feel like a superstar." 

Emphasizing that she wanted to be at the same level as Whitney Houston, Ariani said she wanted to win the Grammy award, Ihlas News Agency reported.


Simon Cowell, the jury member of the competition, asked 17-year-old Putri Ariani, whose performance on stage was very popular, to play a second song. Upon this request, Ariani played Elton John's "Sorry Sorry To Be The Hardest Word" and once again amazed the audience. 

"I think everyone here feels the same," said Simon Cowell, "You are 17 years old, you write songs, you have a great and different voice. You shine", Simon Cowell joined Ariani on stage and said, "I think you are one of the best singers we have seen on our show".

After the performance, Simon Cowell pressed the "Golden Buzzer" button and Putri Ariani made it to the next round without a vote.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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