Male panda escapes from cage with partner in Poland

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In the zoo in Gdansk, Poland, a male red panda, bored and escaped from his partner Maja, climbed a tree to be alone. Fire brigades pulled the panda named Ponzu down from the tree.

Male panda escapes from cage with partner in Poland

According to Polish media reports, Ponzu, a male red panda, was staying in his cage with Maja, a female red panda. Suggesting that Ponzu might have gotten bored of his partner Maja and wanted to be alone, the zoo official said the male panda climbed a tree and hid.


Stating that they could not help the panda because it climbed too high, the official stated that Ponzu was taken down from the tree with the intervention of the fire brigade. It was stated that Ponzu had escaped from the cage where his partner Maja was previously housed, most recently in February.


Warsaw Zoo officials told Polish media that tensions between male and female red pandas sharing the same cage could lead to the males seeking solitude.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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