Uruguay's capital on alert due to water crisis

2023-06-21 09:29:27 | Last Update : 2023-06-21 10:35:08

Dry days in Uruguay have brought a water crisis. The government declared a water emergency in the capital Montevideo, abolishing the tax exemption for bottled water and announcing that up to 2 liters of free water will be distributed to those in need daily.

Uruguay's capital on alert due to water crisis
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Water crisis erupts in Uruguay. In a joint press conference with government officials, Uruguayan President Luis Alberta Lacalle Pou announced that they have taken some measures against the water crisis in the capital Montevideo and stated that the water supply has been secured.


President Pou announced that the government has declared a water emergency in Montevideo and has decided to exempt bottled water from taxation, build a reservoir and pipeline to supply water from the San Jose River, and implement free water distribution for those in need.

President Pou also noted that water supply is guaranteed in hospitals, nursing homes, child and family care centers.


The construction of the water reservoir and pipeline on the San Jose River will start today and will be completed within 30 days, thus meeting the increasing demand for water around the capital. As part of the measures, it was also stated that 21 thousand people in need who benefit from the government's social assistance program will be provided with 2 liters of free water a day. With the tax exemption on bottled water, prices are expected to drop significantly.

Due to the drought in Uruguay, water in the reservoirs has decreased, causing an increase in salt and chlorine levels in the network water. Authorities estimate that in the absence of significant rainfall, the capital Montevideo and the metropolitan region will run out of water by the end of the month or early July.

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