British doctors prepare for 5-day strike

2023-06-23 13:59:32 | Last Update : 2023-06-23 15:29:10

Young British doctors are preparing for another work stoppage after a 72-hour strike this month. For the first time in UK history, the strike will last 5 days.

British doctors prepare for 5-day strike
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UK doctors today announced the longest strike in UK history following a dispute over pay.

The British Medical Association announced that junior doctors below consultant level will strike for five days from 7:00 AM local time on July 13 to 7:00 AM on July 18 and will not resume work.


The decision to strike follows a 72-hour strike this month against the government's refusal to budge on a five percent pay rise.

Medics say they have seen a 26-per cent pay cut in real terms in the last 15 years, as salaries have failed to keep pace with inflation.

They want pay restored to 2008-2009 levels but the government says this would mean an average pay award of about 35 per cent this year and is too costly.


They highlighted a survey of nearly 2,000 junior doctors in England that said more than half (53 percent) had received offers to move abroad in the past four months.

Authorities said the government was refusing to reopen talks on pay, forcing them to stage "the longest single walkout by doctors".

The strike could be averted if the government comes up with a "credible offer" on pay restoration, they added.

Source: Malay Mail

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