Streets turn into a war zone in Israel after parliament passes judicial reform

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Israel's controversial judiciary reform was passed in the first vote in Parliament. In order for the bill to enter into force, it must be re-discussed in the relevant committee and passed in the second and third votes in the General Assembly. Netanyahu opponents launch civil disobedience protests across the country

Streets turn into a war zone in Israel after parliament passes judicial reform

In Israel, the critical bill on the controversial judicial regulation that restricts the Supreme Court's control over the government passed in the first vote in the Knesset. In the plenary session held in the parliamentary plenary session at night, the bill, which proposes to remove the Supreme Court's authority to overturn government decisions by stating that they are irrational on grounds such as not serving the public interest and creating conflicts of interest, was passed in the first vote in the 120-seat parliament with 64 votes in favor and 56 against.

In order for the controversial bill to enter into force, it will have to be discussed again in the relevant parliamentary committee and passed in the plenary for a second and third time.


A protest movement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government's controversial judicial reforms has begun civil disobedience protests, blocking roads across the country. Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators blocked the Jerusalem side of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway. Vehicles formed long queues in the morning traffic. The Israeli police, who tried to ensure the passage of traffic by removing the demonstrators from the single lane on the road, intervened in the demonstrators with water cannon vehicles.


In the images shared on social media, it was seen that protesters set up barricades on the highway along the coastal line in the north of the country and at intersections at different points and started blocking the roads in the morning, creating long queues of vehicles. A group of protesters also demonstrated with Israeli flags at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel's main air terminal.


The anti-judicial amendment protest movement threatened that civil disobedience protests would take place across the country throughout the day, bringing life in Israel to a standstill. The protest movement called for gathering at Ben Gurion Airport in the evening, while Israeli police announced that demonstrators would not be allowed to enter the airport terminal. The Israel Airports Authority also called on passengers to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before their flights and to use public transportation.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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