Protesters take 13 policemen hostage in Mexico

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Thousands of protesters uprising against the government in the Mexican state of Guerrero reportedly took 13 policemen hostage and occupied the governor's office building.

In Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state in the south of Mexico, a group of protesters consisting of about 3 thousand people came together and attacked the state governor's office building. After the police intervened against the protesters, some of the protesters stole an armored vehicle belonging to the security forces and broke the door of the governor's office and entered the building. 

Demonstrators occupying the Guerrero state governor's office took 13 policemen hostage and a curfew was declared in the city of Chilpancingo.

Security forces stated that the number of protesters was too high and that their intervention was insufficient, Ihlas reported.

Authorities stated that the protesters were linked to organized crime, and that they made some demands, including the release of 2 of their friends who were detained recently and the repair of some roads in the city, and announced that a dialogue table would be established to resolve the events.

On the other hand, in the city of Chilpancingo in the state of Guerrero, organized crime groups attacked public transport vehicles 3 days ago and 5 drivers were killed.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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