UK raises visa fees as part of new sanctions on migrants

2023-07-14 10:05:27 | Last Update : 2023-07-14 10:11:26

As public sector workers in the UK, dissatisfied with new pay rises, prepare to strike, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned the unions to call off the strike. Sunak also announced a hike in visa fees and health payments for migrants.

UK raises visa fees as part of new sanctions on migrants
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Increases for public employees in the UK did not satisfy the civil servants. While the unions decided to strike over the new increases, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that they accepted the increase rate recommended by a board of experts. 

Stating that the police were given a 7 percent raise, teachers 6.5 percent, and general practitioners 6 percent, Sunak also noted that teachers, who could not agree on a raise with the government this year, suspended their decision to strike with the new offer.


Reacting to the decision to strike by the unions who are dissatisfied with the raises, Sunak stated that the unions should abandon this decision and said, "Strikes not only cause thousands of appointments to be canceled, but also prolong waiting times in hospitals. This is our last offer. There will be no more negotiations on raises. No more negotiations on this year's payments. No strike can change our decision now."


Answering a question about where the money that is not in the budget will come from, Sunak said, "I am not preparing to raise taxes."

Noting that the health insurance fees paid by immigrants coming to the country will be increased, Sunak said, "We will increase visa fees a little. We will also increase the health payments paid by immigrants who come to our country legally. Those who benefit from health services have to pay a fee here. Both fees have not been increased recently."

Prime Minister Sunak also claimed that the hike in visa fees and health payments for migrants would bring billions of pounds into the coffers.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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